Paradise Retreat was established to provide a busy solopreneur/ entrepreneur/business owner with their own sense of paradise… By providing an extra pair of hands and eyes… In a timely manner and at a reasonable price.

So many people are talking about Pinterest and how their business has taken off from using Pinterest… And you are confused because you use it exclusively for DIY projects. You want to get in on the action but you are not exactly sure where to start.

You are working overtime trying to get all the content written for your Facebook page, blog, and all your other social media. You don’t have enough ideas to fill all of your concerns and need a boost.

And, if that wasn’t enough, you can’t seem to figure out how to fit it all into your already busy schedule.

I feel your pain.

Hi All, I’m Lois Sacks, your retreat concierge.

Hubby and I are enjoying his retirement with our spoiled rotten, Mr Cat. I have mastered the art of living small because we reside in our 5th wheel… And we love it!

During the months leading up to closing our brick and mortar store I had to decide whether I wanted to sit behind someone else’s desk or make my own way.

I took classes and spent hours and hours taking on the beast, aka, the dreaded internet. I had my own ‘ups and downs’, but, I figured out the ‘ins and outs’ so you don’t have to struggle.

See… I’m no stranger to making it work with what little (room) I have.

The services I offer will help you move forward on your unrealized ideas, improving on what you already have, and/or make recommendations on my observations.

Still not convinced?

Check out some of my published work…

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Have an almost perfect day,  Lois


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