Ditch New Year’s Resolution Day!

The end of one year and the beginning of a brand new year can be quite overwhelming. Especially since it follows one of the biggest holidays of the year. And, in my case, it’s winter weather time. So right after Christmas it’s time to prepare for the next celebration, New Year’s Day, and you feel the need to jot down a couple wants, wishes, or resolutions and call it good.

So, this day is made for you. January 17 is “Ditch New Year’s Resolution Day”. But that may be longer than many give their resolutions. Why do you think that is?

  • Did not try – Of course, you really didn’t have time to follow up on your resolution since there were probably two long weekends in a row, then add in multiple parties and holiday entertaining. And to top it all off, you go back to work and attempt to get caught up. Who had the time, there is always next year.
  • Did not care – Everybody else was doing it so why not throw one out there. But you didn’t mean it. You didn’t feel it.
  • Not enough time – For the most part, we are all into instant gratification. If we do not accomplish what we want right now we just say, ‘never mind’.
  • Did not plan well – We knew what we wanted but didn’t figure out how to get there so when we do not see results immediately, we just stop.

Okay, okay… It’s the middle of January but don’t give up just yet. I’ve got some great news for you. There is still 11 ½ months to go. If you are just getting started, it isn’t too late. You can still do this. I’m right there with you.

(That was the cheerleading portion of this writing… LOL)

It took me two weeks to write out my own goals, including reviewing and reflecting, so here are my personal notes to help you out.

There are many good reads and webinars out there on goal setting and, for the most part, they are helpful; however, THE most important thing to remember is…

**It only works if you do!**

You can make all kinds of lists of everything you want to do but it is all fruitless unless you put it into action.

My own lists of things-to-do fell under one of these headings…

  • IM – immediately, by the end of January
  • SN – soon, by the end of March
  • LA – later, by the end of June
  • LT – long-term, between June and December

I made my multi-page to-do list and put every single item under one of the above headings. Then, I looked at all I wanted to accomplish and broke it down into more actionable chunks.

  • DY – daily tasks
  • WK – weekly tasks
  • MO – monthly tasks
  • QT – quarterly tasks
  • YR – once-a-year tasks

It’s okay if I don’t get all I want to be done in the specified time but I don’t give up. Why? Because I am shooting for that…

Main long-term goal!!!!!

That big goal is my ‘why’. My reason for getting up every day. My motive behind all I do.

Well, that is me. What about you? How do you plan out your year? Don’t say it’s too late. Don’t say anything.

Just stop and DO!

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