Long Story Short (or… Why I’ve Been Absent for Awhile… Sorry?)

What happens when you think everything is going smoothly? Yep, you guessed it… Murphy’s Law.

A Little Background

Last November I made the decision to start a blog and build a business through freelancing. Now keep in mind that I had absolutely no idea what I was doing. Sure, I knew how to use a computer to some degree, but I am totally a non-techie-type person.

When you don’t know how to cook a dish, you follow the recipe. Well, I didn’t know how to start a website so I followed a how-to lesson. But I was trying to cut corners and I didn’t follow the directions exactly.

What Changed My Way of Thinking

As I am trying to configure different aspects of my website I kept hitting roadblocks. I wanted to start a mailing list and the platform I had chosen was unavailable to me. I tried to add a plugin and it wasn’t available to use on my site. After that happened a few more times I decided it was time for a change.

Why This is Important to Me

I was taught from a young age to always do your best in anything you do. Where was that nagging voice in my head when I was starting out with my new business?

The only way to go forward in business is to have a strong start and a steady presence. I knew I wasn’t happy with my current situation so I needed to do something… and I needed to do it immediately!

A couple of weeks ago I kept seeing notices about an e-book about blogging that sounded interesting. Did I really want to spend the money? How much worse could my blogging get? I already didn’t have but a few followers? I couldn’t go forward because I couldn’t advertise at all on my current site. I was so close to saying ‘never mind’.

But I really want this to happen.

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

I bought, downloaded the ebook, and printed it off with the intention of reading it when I got home that night. As it was printing I started glancing at it and I was really liking what I was reading. Needless to say, I had it read before I got home and then I read it again and started taking notes.

The very next day, after thinking about it overnight, I signed up with SiteGround.com and got my WordPress.org site. I already had a website so it had to be transferred over and that didn’t happen immediately. I can be a tad impatient.

A few days later, while my site was non-existent because it was being transferred, the doubt starting rearing it’s ugly head and I went into panic mode. All I could think about was that I made a horrible mistake. It had taken me 5 grueling months to build my first site to the point that I was mildly happy with it. Oh, woe is me…


Eight days after signing up, my new site is up and running… well, kind of. My previous site was all done for me and my new site needed me to build it and tend to it and add my own plugins and… didn’t I say already that I am totally non-techie?

I didn’t have 5 months to rebuild, rather I had to get it live sooner than later since it had been down for a week already. I kind of took a day off from work (it’s okay, I’m the boss) so I could spend some quality time with my computer.

It was literally like cramming for an exam. I had out all the how-to’s, and notes, and videos lessons. I read and switched from screen to screen and watched videos in between reading and switching back and forth between screens. Three days later and I was doing the happy dance. No really, I was dancing all over the place telling everyone that I learned WordPress.

The first person who I wanted to check out the site is a very dear friend of mine that I believed would give me honest feedback. I didn’t want it sugar-coated, I wanted the truth. She replied with a list of 6 critical issues. I was doing the happy dance again because it was only 6 issues and not 25 or even more.

I fixed what I could (with a little help from some great ladies from a Facebook group I am in) and I have 2 issues that I am going to have to contact a professional about. Remember, non-techie.

The Moral of the Story

Check out all your options before you get started so you don’t have to redo it all over again. When looking for help, first go your facebook groups and ask, go to your friends and ask, or if you can… hire a professional.

It is still a work in progress and I have a lot of tweaking to do but it is live and I hope you all enjoy what you see and feel comfortable being here.
Leave your comments below if you had been in a similar situation… this will help all of us understand that we (and you) are not alone.

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