Improvise, Adapt, & Overcome (My Freelance Journey, pt 3 of 3)

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The last two weeks we covered so much of information and this week I will not disappoint.  We will be going over how to juggle it all, the importance of diversifying your income, and having a Plan B… just in case. And I threw in an update on my journey.

Here is Part 1 and Part 2 of my freelance journey in case you need to catch up.

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Juggling Two Things at Once


I had less than one month to go with the store so things were hectic on that end. I also had to get more serious with promoting myself in the freelance world. That translates into working all day at the store and working all night on writing and research. Hubby was so glad when I could actually spend some time with him without me tapping away on the laptop while he’s trying to watch television.

It was hard focusing on one thing that you are passionate about (freelancing) when thing 2 (closing the store) gets in the way. Check out this handy blog post on how I finally got organized with Trello. It was four months of trial-and-error but was well worth it.

This new tool is like savoring dark chocolate. No, really, it is that good. I have my “Master To-Do List” and my absolute favorite board, “Blog Ideas”. Here I keep track of the pitches I would like to send, the blogs I am writing, and topics that come to mind.

I also have my handy-dandy day-planner that I keep appointments and daily tasks in. Over the years I had tried so many day planners and calendars and none were that effective. I spent over an hour one afternoon at an office supply store checking out every planner they had and did not like any of them. Sheesh! So I turned to the internet and found Tools4Wisdom planner. It had all the amenities that I wanted and was reasonably priced.

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Diversify Your Income


Now for a big revelation… The blog doesn’t pay for itself AND it doesn’t happen overnight. You have to take everything that you have learned and put it to work.

  • You have to socialize on the Facebook groups that you have membership in.
  • You have to spread the word about your blog, your guest posts, and your accomplishments on social media.
  • You have to promote your affiliate links without being salesy.

All that while promoting colleagues’ works, reading other blogs, learning about new tools, keeping your schedule full, completing work for your growing client list, and on and on and on. Thank goodness for Trello, right?

There are many types of income that you can make in freelancing but I’m only going to focus on the three that I’m familiar with…

  1. Services – this is what you can offer to others; such as, managing Pinterest or freelance writing.
  2. Products – this is what you can produce; such as, ebooks, courses, or other products.
  3. Passive Income – this includes affiliate marketing.
  4. Combination of any of the above – self-explanatory.

Still so much to learn.

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A “Plan B” is Absolutely Necessary


Is it all worth it? Oh yeah!

Would I do it all over again? You bet!

Do I have a plan B figured out just in case all this goes south? Yes (she mutters shyly).

A very neat, little known, tool that I absolutely fell in love with is FutureMe. You are able to send an email to yourself anywhere in the future. Last October I sent myself a birthday email to be delivered on my birthday in March. Besides a silly greeting, I also listed some of the goals I had set for myself back in October. I had not fulfilled them but I was on the right track and that, in itself, was an accomplishment. Maybe it’s time to send another email through FutureMe with my revised goals and see what I can accomplish in 3 months. Check out the blog post I wrote about FutureMe.

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The Biggest Take Away


My biggest take away from the last 6 months is that nothing is written in stone. Everything can change and it will, undoubtedly, happen without any notice. Hubby just asked if I was going to be able to make enough to make our dreams come true. My first reply was asking him if he wanted to hear the whole story or the condensed version. He just stared at me then said, “if anybody can make it happen, it’s you”.

That’s my ‘why’! My husband, our cat, and our home on wheels. Well, that and the fact that I want to get a picture of me typing on my laptop while sitting on a beach somewhere in paradise.

What is your why? What is your reason for going on day after day, night after night, week after week? Is it your family, your bills, your need to see your name in the byline? Whatever it is, your own personal ‘why’ is what’s going to keep you motivated over the long run.

(Freelance journey update – My official start date of this freelance journey was May 1. I am still working on learning Canva and getting my first paying gig, but all is well. I will be sharing more of what I have learned with you all in the very new future.)

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