Operation Secret Weapon: For Freelancing

I have found a wonderful secret weapon for my budding business. It has the capability to kick its user in the backside and get anyone motivated beyond imagination. If I tell you it will no longer be a secret… but it is so awesome I cannot keep it a secret. Should I tell? Do you really want to know what has the ability to put your business on the right track? Okay, you win…


This is not a get rich quick scheme… there is no investment and is totally free.

It is not a time travel machine so you can go into the future, get information, and then come back with future insights… but it kind of does.

Many months ago, while I was just getting started in freelance, I read a blurb about FutureMe.org in a course I was taking. I went to the site and explored what it meant.

Wow! This is so cool. I decided to send myself an email 5 months into the future. I scheduled it to be delivered on my birthday. The note to my future self was two-fold… 1) To wish myself a happy day just in case others forgot, and 2) to remind myself of the goals and aspirations I had set for my business. In the letter to my future self, I laid out what I wanted to accomplish by the end of March. Unfortunately, it was in great detail.

What Was I Thinking?

I was thinking, 5 months ago, that I wanted to learn a LOT without any comprehension of what I was doing or how long it would take to learn what I needed to know for a new freelance business. But, this turned out to be a very good thing.

I listed out what I wanted without taking into consideration… life in general, changing interests, or my ability to understand certain aspects. I reviewed each bullet point that I had listed and reflected on my dream for awhile.

Did I Learn Anything?

Actually, yes I did. In fact, I learned…

  • That I can be ambitious but not all at once. Everything has its own learning curve. Just because I haven’t learned how to use Canva in the last 5 months (don’t laugh) doesn’t mean it will never come to me.
  • That I shouldn’t hold back on my dreams. While some (yes, only some) were realized, I still had a ways to go.
  • That I should do this regularly. In addition to writing down my goals, I am going to send myself a monthly reminder of what I want to accomplish in my business and in my life. This way I can get a monthly dose of ‘kick in the backside’.

What About You?

Just go to FutureMe.org and send yourself an email for the future. List your goals, your aspirations, your intentions, and don’t forget something witty. Just be real.

Remind yourself that you want to finish that course by the end of the month. Remind yourself how much you want to make and the steps you need to take to get there. Remind yourself that just because you don’t hit your goal it’s not the end of the world.
This isn’t going to be an actual lifesaver or an instant fix-it, but it will attempt to keep you grounded. Try it right now. Go to FutureMe.org and give it a try, then comment below so I can give you a virtual high-five.

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