My Secret to Productivity – Trello

What do you do when you have tons of post-its stuck everywhere and notebooks brimming and scraps of paper with notes all over the place? What happens when you are at wit’s end and need a little calm to overshadow the chaos? Where do you turn for a little productivity?

Here’s the thing… I signed up for Trello months ago and never took the time to figure it out. As long as I’m pulling my hair out from productivity anxiety, I figured, what could it hurt to learn yet another thing that I will not use? Note to self – don’t challenge self unless you are prepared to suffer the consequences.

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Spring Forward – When All Else Fails… Just Laugh It Off!

Today I am in mourning for a dear, dear friend… One Hour. Loss is something that we all must deal with in life. Each of us deals with this in our own way and this is how I dealt with my grief over this tragic loss.

As I drug myself out of bed, not knowing what time it was, I felt so confused, even in my own surroundings. One clock said it was 8:00 and another said 9:00… which one am I going to believe? My husband wasn’t any help. He couldn’t tell me what the time was either. We both fumbled around trying to find a reliable source and there was none.

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5 Tips on Adjusting to an Entrepreneur State of Mind

I think I’ll just put an ‘out of order’ sticker on my forehead and call it a day.

We have all had a day like this. Lately, I have had multiple days where I just wanted to pull the blanket up over my head and say ‘maybe tomorrow’.

Anxiety, overwhelm, burnout, writer’s block, information overload… It doesn’t matter what you call it, it is still unproductive.

Here are my top 5 tips on changing your mindset.

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